Construction of the new replica ship is a $500 million project.

Apparently, the ship that will feature the same cabin lay out will set sail in 2022. The ship will apparently set sail from Dubai to Southampton, England and then to New York. Doing the same North Atlantic route the original ship took back in 1912.

The new and improved Titanic II will reportedly also carry close to the same number of passengers the original titanic had, around 2,400 with 900 crew members. Now before y’all start with the jokes, one of the biggest improvements to the Titanic II is the new safety technology, with the inclusion of plenty of lifeboats.

We all know what happened to the original Titanic. It unfortunately collided with an iceberg and sank less than 3 hours after the fatal collision.

The entire voyage will take about two weeks and I’m sure there will be a lot of “I’m king of the worlddddd” photos as soon as it sets sail. But the real question is, would you hop on the Titanic II one time for the one time?!

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