Many schools are starting next week with remote learning, not to make you more nervous as a parent, but it is a sad reality that there are some pretty sick people out there, looking to distract your child from what they should be using their computer for.

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According to WIVB, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children says it's very important to monitor what your children could be exposed to while learning online. Kathy Gust is the program director and she said.

Kids thinking, I'm being honest while playing a game with someone online, talking about how old I am, so the person I'm talking to must be, being honest too, and kids are getting caught up and manipulated from that point.

Having a conversation with your kids about things they can expect or what to avoid while on apps like, Snapchat, Instagram, and others could help keep them safe. Another thing parents can do is set parental controls, in most cases that technology will help, but it's not 100% safe.

According to WIVB, Kathy Gust says to be aware of the apps with those games, in many cases that's where kids are met and they moved to a different platform for more conversation.

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