Yasmin Young talks with Cambria Daniels of BestSelf Behavioral Health, Inc. to help parents help their children deal with the stress brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Cambria Daniels, who is a program director with BestSelf Behavioral Health, Inc. gives great tips to parents on how they can help their children deal with stress during these uncertain times.

Here are some tips Cambria emailed me after our interview:

1. Our youth still need proper sleep & nutrition. Do not allow them to stay up all night. Sleep heals and restores the developing brain.
2. Set limits to electronic usage which includes cell phones, video games and Television. Balance between non-electronic & electronic activities.
3. Do not struggle with the video game playing either; Have your child show you how to play a game so that you can engage together. What about the game interests your child? And share your feelings about the game as well. Yes we need to do the basic chores and school work but we also need to carve out time for some fun things that we could do together as a family unit.
4. Take the opportunity to appreciate each other’s differences...Listen to music together...find out why they like a certain artist OR what about the song makes them like it so much and vice versa.
5. Prepare to model for youth...it is okay to be worried or anxious but create healthy boundaries.
6. Identify the feeling and communicate….stating that you may need just a moment to be by yourself OR that in 10 minutes OR so we will do whatever activity. Talk OR cook dinner together OR watch a movie together.

Here are additional links and resources:

You can reach BestSelf at via their hotline at 716-884-0888.

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