Starting this morning, for a limited time, Tim Hortons will be selling a new Fruit Loops Donut, according to a WGRZ News Report.  Sweet tooth donut lovers should be in paradise with this donut described, in the WGRZ News report, as a:

 colorful confection is a sweet doughnut topped with strawberry icing, Froot Loops cereal and a drizzle of white icing.


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17. Chocolate Eclair
16. Old Fashioned Plain
15. Honey Cruller
14. Sugar Loop
13. Double Chocolate
12. Raspberry Filled
11. Strawberry Vanilla
10. Maple Dip
9. Old Fashioned Glazed
8. Chocolate Dip
7. Honey Dip
6. Chocolate Glazed
5. Canadian Maple
4. Boston Cream
3. Vanilla Dip
2. Apple Fritter
1. Sour Cream Glazed

My personal favorite Tim Hortons donuts are Apple Fritter, Old Fashioned Glazed, Peanut Donut, and an extra-large coffee with 3 creams, please.  Additionally, Tim Hortons is my choice for the best Broccoli and Cheese Soup (when they have it).  It always amazes me as to the number of people lined up early and late at Tim Hortons.  They must put some magical attraction formula ingredients in their donuts and coffee and food that make you crave their stuff.  I literally can not go a day without my Tim Horton"fix".

The fact that my son works at Hortons does not help...neither does it help my waistline, because I know I shouldn't but I'm always asking him to "bring home some donuts"...ughhhh... I wish I could break the habit....but it's such a delicious habit!!!

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