Some things are a lot funnier in the movies than in real life. Getting drunk and stealing a golf cart is one of them.

New York State Police say that three Dutchess County men were caught taking a golf cart that didn't belong to them. One of the men has also been charged with driving the stolen cart while under the influence.

On the evening of June 12, troopers were dispatched to Hanah Resort Golf Club on West Hubbell Hill Road in the Town of Middletown for a report of a stolen golf cart. The vehicle was eventually located at around 10pm on a nearby highway. Police say Davis A. McPartland from Wappingers Falls was found driving friends Matthew M. Davis, also from Wappingers, and Brian Davis of Beacon. The three men, all in their mid-30s, were eventually pulled over by troopers.

Driving a golf cart on the highway is dangerous enough, but doing it while under the influence is potentially deadly. That's the situation officers say they discovered when the men were finally apprehended.

After conducting a traffic stop with the golf cart, officers say McPartland appeared to be drunk. Police say a field sobriety test indicated that the driver was intoxicated so he was taken into custody. The man's two alleged accomplices were also arrested.

McPartland has been charged with misdemeanors for Driving While Intoxicated and Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle. Matthew and Brian Davis were issued appearance tickets for the misdemeanor of Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle. All three men are scheduled to appear at the Town of Middletown Court on July 13.

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