A lot of people cannot believe that the Canadian government is going to do this to homeowners of the United States.

The Canadian - United States border has been shut down since the beginning of the pandemic. That is March 2020 and although it seems like we are getting closer to being able to freely go over, we still cannot.

There is going to be a 1% tax for foreign property owners whose properties remain vacant. Yes, it still will be applied even if you cannot go over because the border is closed. This has been American citizens who own homes over on the Canadian side not happy. A lot of people in Buffalo have vacation homes and rental properties that they cannot go visit or even just go maintain because of the shutdown.

Now, should the United States do the same to those in Canada? Well, it seems as though, the answer is: yes.

Congressman Brian Higgins has previously stated that, if the tax increase remains, Canadian's owning property in the US could see the same sanctions. State senate republican leader Rob Ortt, said he would support that", according to WKBW.

Apparently, that 1% tax hike from the Canadian government will be implemented later this year.

Canada PM Justin Trudeau said that he will loosely and cautiously give a plan for opening the border, but it seems as though the date is still going to be close, or on July 21. As of right now, the Canadian government is trying to get their vaccination rate to 75%. A benchmark they say that would be similar to the one New York had when things 'loosened up'.

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