With Independence Day just around the corner and things opening up in our city that is the perfect storm for trouble in some parts of the city. Many people here in Buffalo are planning their gatherings with family and friends, and of course, there are people that will enjoy an adult beverage. The one thing that you may want to consider at all times, but especially this year, is the amount of alcohol you plan on consuming if your planning to drive home.

Some Things You Should Know About Check Points

In New York State, police can perform sobriety checkpoints, but there should be a fair warning of the checkpoint and should be in a safe place, such as a well-lit place. In my opinion, you really should have someone drive with you if you know your going to be drinking, the number of deaths from drunk drivers has been far too high over the past few years, and that's even if it's only one death.

According to erienewsnow.com, there will be sobriety checkpoints out in full force this weekend as well. The checkpoints will be set up throughout Eire County, Friday, June 25, and Sunday, June 27. The places where they will be set up will be determined by crash statistics and DUI arrest.

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I know it's fun to get out and mingle with friends while throwing a few drinks back, just make sure you remind yourself to drink responsibly, and if you're going to drink, bring someone with you that can drive or call a car service.

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