Here's my pick for this week's top 3 entertainment news stories of the week! 

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

I promised myself I would give Meek Mill news a break but every week it's something new, so here we go. Meek Mill was denied bail for a second time this week, with the judge citing Meek as being a "danger to the community." Really?! Of course his legal team vows to continue working to get him released.

wblk studio2

Nicki Minaj turned 35 this week! In true bae fashion, rapper Nas posted a photo of Nicki on his Instagram, with the caption declaring her the Queen of NY & Hip Hop! I guess when Nas speaks, New York City listens because I have yet to hear of any one who disagrees. It's been rumoured for a few months now that the two have been cozy, although neither have officially announced that they're dating. In related news, Nicki Minaj finishing up her latest album and the visuals for Migos  'Motor Sport' which she features on alongside Cardi B was released this week as well. Click here to watch

Getty Images for Sports Illustra

Colin Kaepernick shook the sports world when he took his silent protest for police brutality and other social injustices to the football field. He has since become a free agent but not securing another contract hasn't stopped him from continuing to fight against racial inequality in our country. In the eyes of many, he's fighting a losing battle but in the eyes of major publications such as GQ Magazine and Sports Illustrated, he's in-fact winning. This week, he was presented with the Muhammad Ali Legacy award for his efforts and on lookers received a pleasant surprise as the award was presented b y none other than Beyonce. Congrats to him! Sometimes a little recognition is all that's needed to jeep pushing forward and I hope Kaepernick continues to do just that.