If you've ever dressed up as  Cleo, Stony or T.T. for Halloween this news is for you! The hit 1996 crime action movie 'Set It Off' will be coming to a stage near you! Award winning writer and director Je’Caryous Johnson is working on 'Set It Off' the stage play featuring Da Bratt, Letoya Luckett, Kyla Pratt and Demetria Mckinney. Now this I must see! Click here to read more!

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Singer R. Kelly is having the worst week ever! The controversial R&B crooner was   slapped with an eviction notice this week and the amount he's behind in rent is  outrageous! He reportedly owes $23,084.90 which is equivalent to get this....only 2 months of rent. This is the home in which he was supposedly running some type of sex cult out of so I'm sure the landlords was looking for a reason to give him the boot anyways! I never understood why rich folks rent but anywho, click here to check out my bro DJ Wire's full story on the matter and even the actual eviction notice!.

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Now while her counterpart Mo'Nique is having a tough time with getting the world to stop Netflix and Chilling, 'Girls Trip' breakout comedian Tiffany Haddish is having the best week ever!  After an already wildly successful start to 2018, it was announced this past Thursday that Haddish will host this year's MTV Movie & TV Awards this June! Go head girl! I absolutely love her. She's working on a ton of other projects including an animated movie, appearing on Tracey Morgan's new show the OG project and much more! I don't know Mo'Nique...you might can learn a thing or two from my girl honey No shade, no shade. Click here to read more!