Congrats to this week’s B.V.O. Pick Mackswell Powers with his song “The Game Is Easy”. Week Number 3 I don't think this guy can be stopped.

He had a strong week, getting over 50 percent of the votes. Check out his bio and more of his music here.

Buffalo, NY is 3 things. Cold, Dangerous, and Poor. This is where Mackswell is from. Born to the 15 year old daughter of a pimp’s bottom b***h and then promptly given up for adoption after birth, Macks grew up in the foster care system. His fathers’ father, a Trinidadian immigrant, was able to locate Mackswell and brought him into his home in the Cold Spring section of Buffalo, NY. Cold Spring University.
Mackswell was a smart kid, but in the ghetto you’re forced to use your intelligence to survive in the streets, not excel in the classroom. Mackswell found refuge in 3 things as a kid, Hip Hop, Reading, and making enough money to buy food, and jeans with no holes in them. He learned early in life that there is a fundamental difference in character between someone who hustles to survive, and someone who is trying to live a lifestyle.
All of his music, from the light-hearted material, to the nastiest turf dirt verse, is something he’s seen and has had to live. But somehow, he finds a way to tell the story through his music with the skill of a great American author.

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