For far too long there has not been enough focus on mental health in the city of Buffalo in my opinion. There is been incidents where 911 calls involved Buffalo police with no mental health specialist on the call to assist the officer in possibly reasoning with the person.

What Does The Mural Mean To People?

When I look at the mural, I see it giving people hope, for example, the goal medal in the letter Y in the word "You" made me feel like I can accomplish something. People that look closely at the mural will notice encouraging images in each letter. I think a person that may be dealing with mental health issues or maybe someone that knows someone with those issues will feel like there are people out there that care and understand the struggles.

According to WGRZ,  the mural is called "You Are Not Alone" and it was designed by six artists from Buffalo's Center for Arts and Technology. You can see the beginning stages of the project now, it's on Bailey Ave. in Buffalo just across Kensington, on the Horizon Health Services Building. The work has an estimated completion date near the end of May.

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There are a lot of beautiful works of art with real meanings and stories behind them in the city of Buffalo, I think it's great to shed light on such an important issue in our city and it's great to see these young artist using their skills for such a great cause.

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