Winter is here and that means soon we will have plenty of snow flying around for our commute in to work and home around the Buffalo area. But the next time you get onto the 290 for your ride, you may see some heavy duty snow removal equipment in front of you.

The "tow plows" were unveiled in Western New York this week and will be used by the New York State Department of Transportation to clear snow on some of the major routes including the 290 this winter.

Here is another reminder not to pass a plow of any sort but especially one of these tow plows. They will definitely be more efficient clearing the snow and keeping your drive around Western New York that much better this winter.

It happens every year, when the first snowfall flies we all have to remember how to drive when it’s slippery and snowy. If you are concerned about your vehicle and keeping your tires ready for the slippery roads, you may want to buy snow tires now. Kadie Daye recently did an article on about the shortages of tires and specifically snow tires. Now is the time to book an appointment and maybe take a look at those tires to make sure they are ready for the upcoming season.

These plows that you will see on the 290 and around Western New York definitely are impressive when it comes to moving large amounts of snow at once. It takes some skill and also some patients from those who are driving around them to make sure the snow is removed properly. It’s not the first time we’ve ever seen snow and it certainly won’t be the last start thinking ahead and be prepared for the winter.

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