Do you remember the "All High Jams" of the 90s? back in the early 90s, Buffalo had some of the best party spots where high school teens could go and party and hang out with friends. The events were originally hosted by a very popular community activist and master of ceremony, Mr. Marc L Fuller, Marc hired me to be one of his DJs back in 1990. Marc had a vision for his events back in those days that far exceeded what anyone was expecting when they came into the venue. I believe that was one of the reasons these party spots were so popular back in those days. I often see people that met their husband or wife at one of our iconic events, and it's always good to reminisce with people that were actually at the big parties back in the 90s.

My Top Five "All High Jam" Party Spots In The 90s

Here's a look at some buildings in Buffalo that will forever hold great memories for many people that went to these party spots in our great city.

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