When I was a kid, my second-grade class once had a Polar Express day. We all dressed in our pajamas and were able to bring in Christmas cookies, with hot cocoa provided for us by our teacher.

It was a really fun experience. Now, what about having that kind of experience, but having an actual train ride to go on? That is taking place in Western New York.

The Medina Railroad Museum is having their own Polar Express train ride this December, and it sounds like a dream come true for kids.

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The train ride will be set to the soundtrack of The Polar Express, and there will be hot cocoa and treats given to passengers. There will also be the book, The Polar Express that passengers will read along with.

Once the train reaches the North Pole, Santa and his helpers will greet guests and give children their first gift of Christmas, the signature silver sleigh bell.

A food vendor will also be on the site for people to get snacks from.

The Polar Express train will take place these weekends:

  • December 4-5th
  • December 11-12th
  • December 18-19th

As for times, six trains will depart from the train station from 11:20 am to 6 pm.

There is both first-class and coach seating, and tickets must be purchased in advance, which you can do here.

I wish I had done something like this as a kid. I love how committed it is to staying true to the book and movie, and for sure will be something kids will remember forever.

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