Parents are MAD following a football game in Akron, New York. The Akron and Medina football teams were playing 'shaking hands' after a football game when the incident happened.

It's a tradition that has been going on our entire lives. When you are playing little league or high school sports, after the game you would shake hands in a line with the other team. Those 'handshakes' usually were just high-fives.

The cheerleaders in Akron joined the handshake line, just like the Medina cheerleaders, but some of the cheerleaders walked back to their side of the field in tears. They claim that some of the Medina football players slapped their hands or arms so hard that they left marks.

According to the video below, there was a petition that has been signed over 300 times on The petition's goal is 'Remove medina from NOFA for Assult on Cheerleaders'.

You can see some of the parents' responses below:

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