On Saturday afternoon (December 3, 2016) WBLK had the opportunity to attend a very enlightening and informative event presented by UMOJA Inc. of Buffalo at the Rafi Greene Center in the heart of the city.

It was the UMOJA Inc. 10th Annual Convening of the Elders. Celebrating African American Elders who have sacrificed to make the community better than they found it.

Great event with a lot of knowledge for our young men and women as they navigate through some of the challenges that they may encounter in today's world.

Hosted by Sam Radford and his son Aymanuel Radford.

The afternoon was filled with food, wisdom and youth, as featured elders presented life stories as they connected with the young men and women in the audience.

One of the elders that was asked to speak has been a part of WBLK for many years and is by far one of the areas best if not the state’s best story tellers, her name, Karima Amin. She is currently the voice of our annual on-air Kwanzaa presentation providing the daily principles of the celebration.

Here’s what she had to say about wealth and nation building in the community on Saturday:

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