Now that June  20th has come and passed, Summer is officially here in Western New York, and now is the time to throw on the swimsuit and hit the beach...but we live in Buffalo!

Sure Western New York is not known as a beach destination like Myrtle Beach is, or known for sugary white sand like Panama City Beach, but Buffalo does have some amazing beaches that you can have fun at. But you have to do it quickly as the Summer lasts only a couple of months before it gets too cold to enjoy these beaches.

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Whether you are looking at playing in the water, or maybe just chilling listening to the water lap against the shore, there is a beach to fit every mood here in Western New York.

Some beaches will let you party and play volleyball others are all set up for family barbeques. There are a wide variety of options for families, couples, or if you just want to send a day solo.

Two of these places are North of the border so fingers cross that officials in both the US and Canada can come together and finally open up the international border so we can enjoy all the beaches in the area.

Check out the Top 9 Best Rated Beaches in Buffalo according to Yelp! 

The Top 9 Beaches In Buffalo According To Yelp!

Summer is here in Western New York. Check out the area's best beaches according to Yelp!

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