Here's the Top 10 'Entanglement' Playlist of R&B Songs based upon what 'entanglement' is according to Jada Smith.  But let's first examine how all this 'entanglement' stuff came up.

(Full 'Red Table Talk' Interview Link Below?)

The buzz across the country lately has not been about the COVID-19 pandemic or Black Lives Matter, or the important Presidential Election coming up in November ... rather, everyone seems to be talking about Jada Pinket and Will Smith's 'Red Table Talk' during which Jada Pinket opened up a whole new way to describe a relationship 'outside of marriage', which some call 'cheating'.  Jada Pinket used the term, 'entanglement'.  Like Will Smith asked during the 'Red Table talk interview' 'what is an 'entanglement' (Full 'Red Table Talk' Interview Link Below?)

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a romantic or sexual relationship between two people, especially one that is outside marriage; affair

The Top 10 R&B Entanglement Songs Playlist: (according to 

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