Valentine's Day has come and is now on the way out, and hopefully, you and your significant other had lots of fun doing all of these great ideas that we had for you.

One of the great things about Valentine's Day is that it's dedicated to lovers, both young and old. I can only think of one thing that could possibly be better than spending the day showering your number one guy or gal with love...and that's showering your number two guy or gal with love.

But, how could you possibly do that considering that you already are spending the day with your main? Well, that's what the day after Valentine's Day is for.

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Many people around the world consider February 15th to be Side Chick Day, or what I like to call National Side Piece Awareness Day.

So What Exactly Do You Do On National Side Piece Awareness Day?

According to Urban Dictionary, this day is dedicated to that person who's special to you, just not special enough for you to spend Valentine's Day with.

It might involve you having to buy a second bouquet of roses, finding somewhere a little more secluded to hang out, and maybe even making up some sort of excuse as to why you were unavailable on the 14th.

Whatever you do, just make sure you be mindful of your surroundings because you don't want to bump into Peter Gunz and his camera crew.

With such an important day for so many people, I decided to ask my Facebook network where are the best places to take your other significant other on the 2nd most important day for couples, and let me say your responses did not disappoint.

What’s the best place in the area to take your other boo on
side piece appreciation day
(Feb 15th)?

Posted by Ed Nice on Friday, January 27, 2023

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