Kids are taught many things in school and by parents...but aren't the lessons learned, or things taught, purposeful...based on there being a favorable potential that the information is going to be INEVITABLY NEEDED?

Enter this 'Sesame Street' program which prepares and teaches kids how to deal with things IF (or maybe the mindset is WHEN) a child's parent is Incarcerated. You'll see in the video below that there is some astronomical number of parents jailed each year for minor to major infractions of the law...such that it works out that one in every 28 kids will have a parent missing from the home because of incarceration.

Hmmm...interesting. No stat on how many of those are MEN, or BLACK, or what they are incarcerated for...INCLUDING FAILURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT...or would that be an inability to live based on them having to pay UNFAIR amounts of support?

What do you think: Is this 'Sesame Street' program appropriate? Is it TARGETED subliminally at a certain segment of society suggesting that segment will have parents who WILL EVENTUALLY FACE INCARCERATION? Is the "PROGRAM" preparing children for knowing how to handle a parent's incarceration...or is it a psychological brainwash preparing the child for what may eventually and inevitably happen to them...when they become a PARENT!

It's quite obvious I DO NOT AGREE WITH OR APPROVE OF this program.  I think 'Sesame Street' should stick to ABC's...unless they're trying to help kids deal with Mr. Elmo's incarceration!!!! However, I'm interested more in hearing your opinions. Please watch the video and make your own determination!!!

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