Confused, excited, interesting, and concerned are just some of the few words that I'm seeing online and hearing in public about the race to become the next Mayor of Buffalo, this has to be the most interesting and exciting time in Buffalo, in my opinion, because in the past it seemed like no one really paid much attention to the mayoral race for Buffalo because our current Mayor was always so heavily favored. Now, with the shocking upset in the Democratic primary, this could be the most anticipated race in Buffalo history.

What Are Some Of The Thoughts From Buffalo Residents?

I have heard from people on the air, that they didn't even know that there was a primary election. Now that more people are intuned to what's actually happening, I'm hearing from many people that don't want any "Mud Slinging", they really want the candidates to run a nice respectful campaign, without airing each other "Dirty Laundry". We all have seen election races, and I'll be very surprised if there's not a little "Mud Slinging", that is something we will have to just wait to see.

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Both candidates for this election will be looking to raise a bunch of money for their campaigns, the number of people that will get involved with this election is going to play a major role in how this race is gonna be won by either of the candidates. One great thing that will come out of this election in my opinion, is that there will be a number of issues that need to be solved in Buffalo that will be addressed.

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