One of the people I admired was the late Steve Jobs. He has left us with a legacy in technology. I don’t know if he’s more popular now that he’s gone versus when he was alive.  Seems like daily we are learning more about him. 

We can learn a lot from him.  One lesson is the power to create. Everything that exists today was created by someone.  It started in a person’s mind and was brought to the market place.   

We all must realize that we all possess the power to create.  Create a thought and act on it.  Go beyond your comfort zone. Challenge conventional wisdom. Put in the work and refuse to give up at the first sign of adversity.

Remember, the Power to Create: It’s Yours To Discover

Just a few of the many inventions that originated in New York State:


 The Tuxedo
 Kodak Camera
 Air Conditioning
 Toilet paper
 Potato chip

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