Steve Jobs

The Power To Create: It’s Yours To Discover
One of the people I admired was the late Steve Jobs. He has left us with a legacy in technology. I don’t know if he’s more popular now that he’s gone versus when he was alive.  Seems like daily we are learning more about him.
College Woes – Friend or Foe?
College can be your friend, or College can be your foe. Nowadays, it seems college is just for show. Okay, enough with the rhyming, but you get my drift. Is college really worth it?
Steve Jobs Died Of Respiratory Arrest In His Home
The salutes, tributes and kind words will continue about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.  He was an icon, innovator and creative genius.  Jobs died last week after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer. Not much was mentioned about how he died and where...