Last week, a news staff reporter from The Buffalo News wrote a Viewpoints Editorial about the use of " the N-word” in different situations across Buffalo. The viewpoints ranged from 69-year-old Mary Hardy, who first experienced the word in malicious manner in the Deep South, to Edreys Wajed, an up-and-coming Buffalo rapper and school teacher who refuses to use the word, and Felicia Scarfone, a white hip-hop dancer from Niagara Falls who claims to use the word in a respectful manner despite concerns from her parents.

The article goes on to include many other viewpoints, both from Western New Yorkers and scholars who are familiar with the ongoing controversy surrounding the use of the word.

The News also published "the story behind the story" and a piece about what compelled Emma Sapong to write the story.

What we would like to know is how our listeners feel about the viewpoints presented.