Last night the Pentagon reportedly authorized the transfer of $1 billion dollars to begin the wall construction along the U.S. and Mexico border. This led to immediate objections from Democratic lawmakers. Senate Democrats have objected the transfer of the money to build fencing along the southern border to block drug smuggling according to CNN.

As you may remember back in February, President #DonaldTrump declared a national emergency due to wanting to gather the funds to start building a wall along the U.S. and Mexico border. In his announcement, he mentioned that he directed the use of “counter drug monies” to help with the fund for the construction of the wall.
The counter drug will go from Department of Homeland Security to the Army Corps of Engineers in order to begin construction.

Due to the national emergency, there are other funds that can also go towards building the wall and infrastructure, such as military construction and funds. The administration did say on Monday night, their plan is to receive $1.5 billion in the future.
The democratic senators claim the “Pentagon did not get permission before notifying the committee of the transfer.” As this story continues o develop, we will keep you guys updated.

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