The Jerry Sandusky alleged child sex abuse scandal at Penn State has me asking a lot of questions.  Questions like was there a coverup and why coach Joe Paterno didn’t do more about the situation.  I know I’m just a DJ who happens to have strong views and opinions on a lot of issues. 

The former defensive coordinator is accused of “inappropriate contact” with a teenage boy. The investigation turned up other allegations.  Sandusky is accused of committing the sex crimes against eight boys in the 1990s and late 2000s. 

The Pennsylvania Attorney General has made public the grand jury report.  It’s disturbing and gets graphic at times. If the allegations are true, Sandusky has destroyed a lot of lives.  He has left these young men messed up for life.  He has violated them and violated an unwritten code.  I know he is innocent until proven guilty.  The court of public opinion has him guilty until proven guilty.  We’ll keep you posted on the outcome of this case.

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