Everyone needs a 'Word of Encouragement' from time to time but it may not come when you need it most.  This New WBLK Exclusive segment, 'The Pastor's Corner' is designed to provide an encouraging word you can access anytime you'd like 24/7.

The segment will feature not only local WNY Pastors, but also a host of other uplifting  and encouraging figures throughout the Buffalo and surrounding area Community.  Please alert your Pastor or anyone you believe has a message of encouragement which will reach across all age groups, genders, and ethnicities as we look so very forward to connecting with the Community in a positive sense with "Words of Encouragement' available anytime it's needed.

Please call me, Todd Anderson, @ 716-852-9393 ext. 3352 if you are interested, or you know someone who is interested, in contributing to this Positive and Uplifting Cause!

Here are Pastor George Nicholas' 'Pastor's Corner' Words of Encouragement:

(Pastor George is Senior Pastor @ Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church in Buffalo) 


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