on Wednesday, August 26, the NBA Season was at risk of ending when several teams, beginning with the Milwaukee Bucs, refused to lay due to the treatment and shooting of 29-Year-old Jaccob Blake who was shot in the back 7 times by a Kenosha, Wisonsonson Police Officer.  The next day, August 27th (yesterday), the players talked and changed their minds and are willing to finish out the season.

We hear over and over again that the only way to change this pattern, regarding the Police shooting and often killing Black men, is to get out and Vote in order to change Leadership in this Country and hopefully and successfully change some the policies and tactics the Police use, by legally arresting, jailing, prosecuting, and holding Police Officers legally accountable for inappropriate acts of violence against citizens. Making all NBA arenas available as voting locations could be seen as a symbolic means of protest regarding all the voting woes relative to the voting process which President Trump complains about.  Since he is so adamant about people voting in person, and some of the voting locations are either inconvenient to get to or the wait is too long, etc... this is a solution to address the complaints. Kudos to the NBA for supporting it's players, unlike the NFL initially, and to the players for having the courage to place Civil Rights and what is right above of ora at least equal to your own careers.  

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