Buffalo is truly a unique place to live. Trying to explain why to outsiders or critics can be a challenge but this video does an excellent job of highlighting a few reasons why we love the Queen City.

The roads you drive in and out of Buffalo were not just placed there by accident or randomly. There is a specific design that you can clearly see of you either fly over or observe from the top of City Hall in Buffalo.

There has been plenty of discussion about where the Buffalo Bills should place the next stadium in Western New York. It was just announced this past week that Governor Hochul and New York State officials seem to be leaning toward keeping the stadium in Orchard Park. The issue that most people against a new stadium in the city seem to have is the problem with the infrastructure.

If you understand and see the layout of roads in and out of the Buffalo area, it is clear that there would be a significant challenge of moving 70,000 plus people through the streets of Buffalo. It simply was not designed for that type of volume. There is no question that Buffalo has a uniquely clever design. But it may not be the standards that would be necessary in 2022 and beyond.

If you have not had a chance to see the view from on top of City Hall in Buffalo, this video does a great job of showing how well Buffalo was designed and some of the incredible architecture that Buffalo is known for among historians.

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