Whether you're a person that likes mammals or not, there is a place for all of them. I'm sure there are many Buffalonians just like me that don't really care to have rabbits hopping around their yards. I know that most people consider rabbits the most cutest and nicest things ever, but they can be very messy and annoying around the house at times in my opinion. Here is one of my biggest issues, I just took up a new hobby, Ok, I'll just put it out there, it's gardening. The main problem that I have is figuring out a way to keep the rabbits away.

I don't want anything bad to happen to the rabbit, and I'm sure it probably helps by keeping other things away. I just don't want it to disturb my new hobby. Another thing that I notice, is they don't scare very easily, you really have to run toward them with a loud noise, and sometimes they still run away when they are ready to run away, not when you want them to. I have read that rabbits are great sniffers, so some things that I can try are plain talcum powder, also some homemade repellant mixtures, like garlic powder and hot chili mixture.

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Of course, the kids think it's cool that a rabbit is running around my yard, I just want it to find somewhere else to chill. I don't know about you, but on the rare days that I have off, I don't want to see this rabbit chilling in my yard with me.

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