When good ideas go wrong.... Welcome To The Big Dummy Files. The latest entry into the BIG DUMMY FILES is the person who came up with this idea. Here you have a homeless man walking around the SWSX music festival as a hotspot for wireless Internet. He isn't an actual Hot Spot but when you text the number on his shirt you get access to a internet hot spot.

This is a plot to advertise their business and donate to homeless people. This is wrong on so many levels, first off your exploiting this man. If this company wanted to help out homeless people they should've just donated money to a homeless shelter, or employed this man. You cannot keep the man homeless and use his status as a ploy to advertise. Second off this homeless guy has know idea what he is talking about.

Welcome this company that I couldn't understand the name of, into the BIG DUMMY FILES. Poor Clarence if he didn't have enough problems with being homeless now he has corporate America trying to use him as a WiFi hot spot.