One of every kid's summer challenges is Reading.  When I was in school I remember thinking, "Ahhhhhh...Summer...No School...No Homework....No Reading!!!  Little did I know that abandoning all aspects of "School related educational activities, such as reading especially, was a huge mistake.

Returning to school "Cold Turkey" without having used my brain at all during the summer months, caused me to go back to school with a lazy brain.  Luckily my Mom wasn't having it, and neither was my school, and both required me to read "something" during the summer recces.  My school had a list of suggested books and I think I remember having to read at least 3 books over the summer.

Well fast forward to now, 2017, where some teachers, staff, and the Principal at Prospect Elementary in Salamanca came up with a creative way to make sure kids get books to read for the summer.  They call it the 'Great Book Delivery'!


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