Arguably the Top event promoters in Buffalo NY The Gaiter Brothers have withstood the test of time. Its always good to have Black owned businesses but when that business is actually owned by blood family it makes it that much better. Starting out with smaller events the Gaiter brothers have built a brand so big that now they easily pack out our biggest venues here in Buffalo NY. They have shown that if you truly believe in something and stick with it great things will come to you. And for them its not always about money they assure that every event is given their full attention. I've known the Gaiter brothers from back when we all were kids i consider them family, so when I see all that they are doing I have no choice but to Salute that. Another thing that i respect about them is when it was time to do community service donating food etc.. to people less fortunate they both stepped up to the plate. In closing I feel that Golden Gaits Ent. is a brand that will be around for a very long time.


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