Have you noticed the gas prices around Western New York? We are halfway through January and the prices have been making a jump to start the new year. But where can you go to find the best prices near your house?

The prices around town this week seem to be averaging around $2.59 a gallon. If you travel to get gas on the Reservations, you will find the prices to be much lower. In fact, some places are selling gas for less than $2.00 a gallon to wrap up this week.

But for regular gas outside the Reservations, the prices are all pretty consistent around that $2.59 mark. I did see the BJ's gas station on Milestrip Rd in Blasdell selling for just over $2.00 with membership.

Because of the pandemic, like most people, we have not been driving as often as we used to. Many days, I just travel to work and back home. The lack of events and meetings in person has kept the miles down on my truck as well. That seems to be the case for those who are now working from home. I have heard stories from early in the pandemic in which cars would not start. Batteries had been dying because vehicles had sat without being used.

Now that things are opening up and people seem to be on the go more often, you will notice more traffic on your commute. It may be worth the drive to grab the lower prices as gas seem prices seem to be rising even further.

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