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This week on The G Code I got to interview the Award winning producer, professional Drummer, Music Director Antwan “Amadeus” Thompson.


The attractive intersection of E 169 St. and Washington Ave. in Bronx, NY lured countless young men into unfit committed relationships with its corners. Producer/Music Director/Executive Antwan “Amadeus” Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Platinum Boy Music Inc., was the one who got away.

Thompson's parents forebode him from getting close with the landmark, a protective gesture he didn't agree with at the time. Today Thompson has built a success-filled, multi-platinum selling career thanks to his productive commitment to creating music. He understands his parents keeping him from that cross-section allowed him to span the globe, achieving a great deal more than territorial street credibility.

To the recording industry Thompson is always posted at the intersection of personal and professional respect, coupled with bankable audio mastery, it’s the reason he is one of the most sought-after producers in the recording industry today. “Creating music for the world is one of the most exciting accomplishments for me, and just seeing people love and appreciate your music,” he says.

The best artists and companies today express their love and appreciation for Thompson by making his service their top choice. Emmy-winning sports television network ESPN enlisted him to score their top rated Monday Night Football broadcasts. Thompson also produced the theme for their acclaimed daytime program First Take which stars popular analysts Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. Maybach Music Group recording artists Wale & Stalley perform the lyrics to Thompson’s score. In addition, he also produced the theme to Grammy-winning singer Keyshia Cole’s hit reality television series Keyshia & Daniel: Family First which airs on cable network BET (Black Entertainment Television); both the lyrics and vocals for Cole’s series by Platinum Boy Music recording artist “Angel of R&B” Tiffany Mynon.

Thompson’s extensive list of production credits reads much like closing credits of a major cinematic release. Popularly known as Amadeus, his globally recognized pseudonym (reminiscent of late Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) is further representation of his creative and artistic musical merit. A number of notable recording artists – including Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Talib Kweli, Tyga, and The Game – have found his work attractive. To achieve the sound they desire, top artists find it imperative to intersect with Thompson. “I appreciate the fact that [the artists] appreciate my gift and the music that I create,” Thompson says. “It starts with [all of] them. If they never liked what they heard you wouldn't have any songs produced by Amadeus.”



Raised in church, Thompson absorbed the seismic energy of handclapping and foot stomping. He quickly realized percussion was his calling, so he answered with drum lessons and natural ability. Engaging the instrument caused his earth to quake. “All of my musical gifts and talents are God-given, it’s up to me to nurture it and practice in order to enhance my abilities as a producer and musician,” he says. “In everything you do there will be trial and error. In order for you to succeed you must make a few mistakes before you get it right.”

Right for Thompson was becoming a professional drummer and music producer, being of sound business savvy is where he would begin to shake things up. In 2000 he launched Platinum Boy Music, his own production and recording imprint. As its CEO his behind the scenes goals for his brand were simple: “Make great music and make great shows so everyone recognizes the passion I have for creating and playing music.”

Since 2007 Thompson has been Music Director and lead drummer for R&B superstar Trey Songz, a position which exponentially expands his reach from within the circle. Touring nationally and internationally his role requires even more responsibility and accountability than a producer’s general expectation of properly meshing sounds using rhythmic timing.


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