Education after the pandemic has been the focus of many local leaders, parents, and teachers. Now that we are starting to see students back in schools and talks of schools fully opening in September, there were some things that were learned from parents and teachers alike that should be addressed going forward.

According to WGRZ, in a recent meeting via Zoom hosted by the Urban League on "Black Education" local leaders discussed a number of issues. U.S Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer also participated highlighting funding available for schools.

The disruption in learning has led to learning loss social and mental distress, the school boards will not only get the money to get the schools fully open in September, but now they are going to get the money for summer school and after school.

Said, Charles Schumer.

There were several topics discussed like the need for diversity and inclusion policies and the need to take creative steps to increase the level of racial diversity in district schools. Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash pointed to some small challenges, like poverty, that have hurt student learning. Also, the amount of gun violence that has been present in our city as of late.

Gun Violence is up 140% in the first two months of the year, gang violence is out of control at this time and we have 40 to 53 gangs with over one thousand members.

Said, Dr. Kriner Cash.

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