For the sixth time in the last few years, one of the world's richest women has decided to share some of her vast wealth with the Buffalo community.

In an announcement from renowned author and billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, two more Buffalo non-profit organizations will receive a $2 million donation.

Scott has been making news lately due to the large number of financial gifts she has been making to organizations all over the country. According to a report by Forbes Magazine, Scott is the 9th richest woman in the world and has donated more than $17 billion to charities over the last five years.

Scott typically makes these donations quietly and doesn't make many public appearances about them. When they do happen, they are listed in a semi-yearly report on her blog.

As her generosity seemingly has no bounds, her latest assist to Buffalo comes from donations made to Peaceprints of WNY and PUSH Buffalo. Buffalo's two non-profits will receive $2 million in unrestricted funds. Peaceprints of WNY, which focuses on crime prevention and reentry services, and PUSH Buffalo, which focuses on housing and community organizing, will be free to use the funds for whatever they think is best without restriction.

Since 2020, Scott has blessed the Buffalo area, donating millions to the region. With these awards given to Peaceprints of WNY and Push Buffalo, six groups have received cash from her, totaling more than $30 million:

  • $9 million to the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York,
  • $8 million to the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo,
  • $6 million to the Buffalo Urban League,
  • $5 million to the Neighborhood Health Center,
  • $2 million to Peaceprints of WNY,
  • $2 million to PUSH Buffalo.

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