It takes a racist man to know one. Texas Sports anchor uses his platform to speak out against the "White Power" sign displayed at a basketball game. Watch his powerful speech in a video that has now went VIRAL!

Dale Hansen went on ABC News 8 in Dallas, TX to publicly shut down claims from the students that would excuse their behavior as an accident. As a kid growing up in a similar town with racist tendencies, it was clear for Dale to see their true intent.

In the video above he explains the incident before sharing a revealing story from his own past.

"The one black family [my father] knew were good people; all the others he didn’t know, they were the bad people,” Hansen says.

“The ignorance in that reasoning if you think about it long enough will twist your mind and it twisted mine.

As an adult Dale learned that people of all races are generally good, until that individual proves differently. He continues ....

"Kids have to be taught to hate, and it's our parents and grandparents and our teachers and coaches, too, who teach us to hate. Kids become the product of that environment. I was and they are."

I applaud this man for growing into a man with an open heart and mind for people who look differently from him. Remember with LOVE all things are possible!!

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