The Scenario where we take real life situations and put them out there for you to decide what the parties involved should do.

Whats up Supreme, Im writing to you to be on The Scenario part of your show. I walked in on my 17 yr old son beating the brakes off of this chick. He was putting in work and from the looks of things he takes after his dad. (I was so proud) But I quickly ran back to the car and told my wife to get in, b/c we have to shot over to the mall to grab a gift for a friends anniversary.

When I go to the mall I texted my son and told him to make sure that girl was gone and we'll be back in 30 minutes. Was I wrong to cover for my son. I told my close friend about it and he said I was absolutely wrong b/c he has a daughter should I let his mother know about this or have a private conversation with my son. Still deep down inside I feel proud.

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