Former manager of 6ix9ine and also member of the street group “Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods,” “Shotti” plead “guilty to two firearms charges related to an armed robbery in Manhattan, and a non-lethal shooting in Brooklyn,” according to Page Six

Both Tekashi and Shoti were indicted last year in April for allegedly carrying out an armed robbery in Greenwich Village. Shotti also plead guilty for a shooting that happened at the Barclays Center.
Tekashi has been cooperating with police, and as for Shotti, he faces a minimum prison sentence of 15 years for both the armed robbery and the non-lethal shooting incident.

Tekashi 6ix9ine plead guilty back in February to nine federal charges including; distributing a kilo of heroin, and hiring a hitman to allegedly kill Chief Keef due to some beef in the past.

In November, Tekashi was moved from a jail in Brooklyn to a secret location, which left a lot of fans wondering if he went to a witness protection program. You guys may also remember his team was concerned about his safety after gang members threatened him in jail. Fearing someone would want to kill him, he was moved to a secret location. I mean after all, he did try to have someone killed.

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