A group of teenagers went on a thievery spree as they rummaged through one of their family member's homes. They took a few personal items but you won't believe what they really went after... And what they did when they got it.

 “I just couldn’t believe that they would take the ashes,” said Debora Matthews,  who was the victim of the robbery. “But you know, they were kids and I guess just stupid.”

Matthews detailed to police that two minors robbed her home and even took her father's ashes in addition to a few household items. She then tells police that she believes they were two of her father's grandchildren.

“I’m very upset because of the minors. I mean [they] were his grandsons,” Matthews said. “They did that to their grandfather.They didn’t even realize it was their grandfather’s ashes.”

The crazy part is that the young boys finally realized that they had grabbed their grandfather's ashes instead of 'Coke' after they tasted it.

Once they realized the error in their ways, they simply dumped the ashes out on the highway.

Just foul. (Courtesy of KMOV)