Listen, I can't make this up lol.

So you know Bobby Brown has a memoir Every Little Step: My Story: Well he held nothing back with this book. It details wild nights with rockstars and pop royalty because honestly who didn't want to hang with the "My Prerogative" star bobby at the time? It goes in depth about his tumultuous marriage to Whitney, her death, and also his daughter's death Bobby Kristina's.

But check out this story about the cocaine and fried chicken

According to the NY Daily NEWS,  Bobby says he was unaware his mother sold cocaine to support the family and while away, he decided to fry chicken, a meal his mother taught him to cook. He grabbed a bag of what he believed was flour to coat the chicken. His mother would later return, elated he took initiative to cook dinner, but soon realized he mistook the bag of cocaine for flour.

"I was 10. So I didn’t recognize the strange smell emanating from the pan,” Brown writes. "After I had taken a few bites and feeling weirder with each bite, my mother walked in.”

"With horror she realized what I had done,” he wrote. “I fried chicken in her cocaine" — a radical new addition to the family’s culinary offerings. Cocaine chicken.” At age 10.

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