Why on earth is Taylor Swift's jet at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport? Swifties, help us out. Is she here as a stop on the way to another place? Is she scouting places to live in Buffalo? Did she come here to get some real Buffalo wings since tomorrow is National Chicken Wing Day? The Dassault Falcon 900 private jet was seen today, July 28, 2022. According to WealthyGorilla.com, as of July 2022, Taylor Swift's net worth is around $400 Million.

One Redditor, who did some digging says it's just a stop over. User @kithien says,

According to the tracking, stopover on the way to LA

Another Reddit user says it may not even be true that her plane is here,


Last couple of days we’ve had a lot of PJs flying over and they changed the flight path for some reason

Image looks to be reused but I’m no sleuth

Delta Bravo Photos, which takes pictures of planes at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport has not posted a photo of Taylor's jet to its Facebook page yet.

A Twitter account that has automated updates of celebrity jets posted that Taylor's plane was in fact here in Buffalo today,

Taylor Swift's Falcon 7X Took off from Buffalo, New York, US. Going to Burbank, California, US (BUR, Bob Hope Airport) arriving in ~4h39m.

Take A Tour Of Taylor Swift's Private Jet


Credit: Luxe Life via Youtube

Why Was Drake’s Plane Spotted at the Buffalo Airport?

Taylor wasn't the only mega-rich celeb with their own private jet that has been seen in Buffalo. Two years, almost to the date, Drake's private jet was spotted at the Buffalo airport on July 23, 2020. Delta Bravo Photography captured a picture of the sky blue plane with clouds painted on it.  The custom private jet is a Boeing 767-200. As it turns out, the plane had to let some passengers out that couldn't cross the border into Canada.

UPDATE: @blackbuffalobuylocal on Instagram wrote in our comments,

"We’ve found out from very reliable sources that Drake’s plane upon he and his crew going anywhere within the USA stops in Buffalo at the Buffalo Airport to clear customs. Making any flight after stopping in Buffalo a domestic flight. It also serves as a closer location to Canada if any of his crew is refused entry to the into the USA to get escorted back across the bridge rather than being further away from home and needing to be flown back."

Drake's plane is worth $185 million. It was previously used to haul cargo before it was upgraded to superstar status. Air Drake is better than most apartments, it includes a bedroom and two living rooms, according to Esquire Explores. Drake owns the plane, telling Esquire that it's not a rental, timeshare, or lease!

Credit: Esquire Explores via Youtube

Kylie Jenner Has Recently Faced Criticism For Taking Private Jet On Short Trips

Kylie is facing backlash after posting the photo above to Instagram.  People are saying she is contributing to pollution by using her PJ to take short flights in order to avoid traffic. Kylie's sister Kim Kardashian is also facing scrutiny. People also accused Drake of the same thing, but he clapped back with some facts.

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