Okay, so in a nutshell, this is what my understanding is regarding this whole debate as to whether Undocumented Immigrants should or should not be allowed Driver's Licenses in NYS.  Well, there's at least one NYS Official disagrees...and I believe he's right on...despite my opinion not being a favorable one.  My take on this is influenced by the definition of 'UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANT', which according to nolo.com is as follows:

The easy definition of an undocumented immigrant is that he or she is a foreign-born person who doesn’t have a legal right to be or remain in the United States. 

So that implies to me that an 'UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANT is essentially an 'ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT' right?  Well, yes...according to nolo.com:

Yes, but “illegal alien” is not a technical term–it’s the popularly used jargon, nowhere found in the U.S. immigration laws. Because of its insulting connotations even though it covers a wide variety of types of people, however, we at Nolo prefer to use the more neutral term, “undocumented immigrant.”

Erie County Clerk, Mickey Kearns, is responding to a push for a potential NYS Law, which would give 'Undocumented Immigrants' the right to apply for and get a NYS License, saying if it's up to him, Erie County will NOT be issuing NYS Driver's Licenses to 'Undocumented Immigrants' even if it does become na NYS Law.  I say WHOA!...that's BOLD and ... Way to go Mr. Kearns!

However, despite my opinion, agreeing with the Erie County Clerk, it seems none of Kearn's governmental peers are on that same page with many saying Kearns needs to stay in his lane' so to speak.  According to wgrz.com, Assemblyman Sean Ryan said Kearns doesn't get to pick and choose what laws he will and will not obey and added this somewhat personal attack,

"My advice to him would be to try and clean up the clerk's office, make that a functioning office before he starts delving into national and state politics,"

According to WGRZ News, Others agree with Assemblyman Ryan, feeling that Kearns is in no position to impose his own rules despite this initiative possibly becoming NYS Law,

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