If you enjoyed the club-friendly pop vibe of Taio Cruz‘s last CD, 2009′s ‘Rokstarr,’ here’s some good news: he tried not to alter the formula when he laid down the tracks for his upcoming album, ‘TY.O.’

Name-checking his big hit single, Cruz told Rolling Stone, “I can tell you that there’s definitely a couple of ‘Dynamites’ on there. I’m definitely not bored of the up-tempo dance electro sound. I’m not going to change it until I feel like I want to do something else.” 

In fact, Cruz reunited with ‘Dynamite’ producer Dr. Luke for the new album’s lead-off single ‘Hangover.’ “The lyrics are a bit risqué, but they’re a mirror to most people’s weekly, if not nightly, antics,” he promised. “I wanted to make a song that was a true representation of all the partygoers out there. People party, they drink, and they have hangovers — I’m not making this up!”

After scoring a pair of Number One hits from ‘Rokstarr,’ Cruz is definitely feeling the whirlwind of success these days, but he says he tried not to let it go to his head while recording ‘TY.O.’ “It’s a much bigger deal now, being released in so many different countries and having so many different record label heads call me and my manager up,” he admitted. “But I’m really happy with the songs that I’ve done, and I try to keep it that simple. If they make me smile when I listen to them, that’s enough.”

And as for the title of the new album? Cruz explains it’s a phonetic spelling of his first name, which people are constantly mis-pronouncing. As he recently tweeted, “The album title hopefully gets people to say my freekin name right lol. Get it… TY….O.”

You’ll be able to “get” ‘TY.O.’ when it reaches stores on December 6.

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