Does NFL Pre-Season Matter? [POLL]
The Bills lost their Home Opener Pre-Season game 17-10 to the visiting Minnesota Vikings this past week...but does Pre-Season really matter?
Coach Sean McDermott discusses the Bills Pre-Season Loss:
POLL: Would You Ride the 'Fire Ball Ride'?
TAKE THE POLL: (below) Would You Ride the 'Fire Ball Ride' at This Year's Erie County Fair?  (Chances are the ride will not be a part of this year's Erie County Fair...but if it were....would you ride...and will you ride if it comes back next year...
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June 2: 'Battle of the Headliners': Marvin Gaye -vs- Usher
WHOA!!!!!  Marvin Gaye vs Usher????  This has got to be the All-Time Old Skool -vs- New Skool Battle.
Marvin Gaye's smooth, sultry, sexy delivery and sometimes funky classics -vs- Usher's young and sexy voice and over the top dance tracks should provide for a serious challenging d…

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