I recall having a loved one incarcerated and getting an automated collect phone call asking if I would accept the call...COLLECT? After responding yes, there was a catch as this was NOT your average Collect Phone Call. The automated system prompted me to choose an Account Plan, so to speak, where as I would PRE-PAY a certain amount of money so my loved one could make collect calls....the monies would then be extracted from a PRE-PAID Account set yo through this service so my loved could make calls. Hmmmm... REALLY!!???

Now here we go with a new 'Money-Making Prison Venture' (in my estimation) whereas each person incarcerated will receive a TABLET! Huh???? Yes...a TABLET! According the News Reports I've read, the purpose is to help EDUCATE inmates and give them a means of submitting different types of grievances.

I thought prisons were Correctional Facilities...correction meaning you are stripped of everything pretty much, other than eating and excercise, until you have served your time and then you can go ... hopefully with the feeling such that you don't EVER want to be there again. But now, with the ability to get something very difficult to afford outside of prison, you can now do a crime and be REWARDED with something you couldn't easily get having been a Law-Abiding Citizen.

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