The other day I was thinking about how I used to go outside and play in the snow like it was nobody's business and like it wasn't cold at all.  I compared those day to the present and realized something has changed.  What IS cold now was NOT cold then.

It was a strange realization as I tried to even imagine going outside and playing in the snow as an adult.  Why was it so enjoyable back then as opposed to it being a traumatic experience if I were to try it now. From Ice Skating at Genesee Valley Park in Rochester, NY to playing football in the snow, to making angels, writing my name in the snow, and having all out snowball fights, I did them all.

Although kids don't get as cold as adults do while in the wintery cold, this may cause an increased risk for hypothermia.  According to a chiropractic website,

kids are naturally so active that their bodies are generating enough heat to keep them feeling warm, even if they aren’t


TAKE THE POLL (below) and share with us your favorite past-time winter activity you loved when you were a kid.)  

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