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Michelle Obama Rapping?!
Michelle Obama joined SNL’s Jay Pharoah for a rap song and video all about college! Do you think it's cool that the FLOTUS is embracing rap or do you think it's inappropriate?? Check out the video below and vote!!
Credit: CollegeHumor via Youtube
Is It Ok For The FLOTUS To R…
1st Lady Keeps It Real AT HBCU
Michelle Obama keeps it real about being Black in America during a graduation speech at Tuskegee University, an HBCU in Alabama. Watch the full thing here.
Pro Era Controversial Video
About a month after Malia Obama was seen in an instagram poic wearung a T-Shirt promoting the Rap Group, "Pro Era" the group got "some" attention... but now, a month later, they're getting much notice due to a controversial video just released
Here's a "PRO ERA" Video:
FLOTUS To Speak!!
As you know, last week we lost one of the best poets to ever grace the earth, Maya Angelou and we have been watching closely to see who be participating in her home going services. It was announced today that Michelle Obama will be speaking at her memorial service.
1st Lady Is NOT Welcome!
First Lady Michelle Obama is getting  a pushback from some parents & students in Topeka, Kansas regarding her scheduled appearance as Commencement Speaker for this year's Graduation Ceremony.
FLOTUS Fights Back For Nutrition
In celebration of the fourth anniversary of her Let's Move campaign, Michelle Obama is pushing back against powerful lobby firms who load our foods with added sugar and bury the calorie count. Details and her hilarious cameo on the 'Tonight Show' inside.
Michelle Obama's Slam Dunk
Michelle Obama saying it's good to eat carrots might not get your kids attention, but watching the 1st Lady slam dunk on Lebron James will! Watch & see for yourself!!

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