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Kanye Says Kim Deserves Vogue
Kanye West had the nerve to say his baby mama has more class and style than Michelle Obama. And so the first Lady GOES IN on him comparing him to Papoose and calls Kim K Remy Ma!! Read the entire letter inside.
The 411
Hey, it’s me, ADRI.V The Go Getta, and every day, I will be giving you “The 411” on The Only Night Show That Matters with DJ Supreme, kicking off at 8:50 p.m.
Somebody thought they could heckle Michelle Obama. Somebody thought wrong.
About 12 minutes into a speech the First Lady was giving for a Democratic Party fundraiser in Washington, D.C., a protester interrupted to demand that the president sign an anti-discrimination executive order. And that's …
Most Powerful Couples
The POTUS, Barack Obama, and his FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, were named the World's Most Powerful Couple by Forbes. No surprise there, but they were joined on the list by a slew of celebrity pairings as well.
The White House Is Now on Tumblr Because of Course It Is
The Official White House Tumblr sounds like a parody website that would be full of political snark and GIFs. But it's not a parody. The recently launched page is actually the official Tumblr for the White House. Like, for real.
But that doesn't mean there isn't snark and GIFs...
What happens when a super-hacker and superstars are in the same sentence? Nothing good.
President Elect 2016!
I'm putting on my "Prophetic Hat" and predicting who will fill the Presidential Seat after President Obama in 2016.
The initial prediction is based on what seems to be a natural progression in that we have had a consecutive string of 43 White Male Presidents in a row …
Donald Trump Busts Barack!
What is Donald Trump's problem?  He's still on this kick regarding President Obama's Birth Certificate, claiming the President is not a qualified candidate because (according to Trump) he was not born in the U.S.
NOW, trump has come up wit a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT the he is convinced …
#RoleModels Michelle & Barack Celebrate 20th Anniversary! [VIDEO]
A few days ago on the afternoon show, we talked about 50 % of marriages ending in divorce and how Generation Z is less likely to even get married. One listener suggested that is because there are no married role models to show the youth the importance of a lifelong partner. I said, how about the Oba…
3 Key Speeches at the 2012 Democratic National Convention [VIDEO]
Unlike the Republican Convention, I had a ball watching the Democratic National Convention (DNC) last night! The colorful wardrobe and sparkly hats in the audience and the various shades of brown skinned speakers at the podium was invigorating and inspiring!
For those of you who didn't…

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